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Finance Committee

Finance Committee

Mission Statement:
The Finance Committee will make recommendations to the Board on all aspects of financial matters, including preparation of the budget and proposed expenditures.


Committee Chair:

        Email: [email protected]

Voting Committee Members:

 *Pat Bates(Chair)    *Walter Almora
 *Glenn Bailey  *Anni Keusseyan
 Al Mass
* =ENC Board Member/Alternate

Please note that in addition to other requirements found in the Applicant Informationfor obtaining a Neighborhood Purposes Grant, the Encino neighborhood council will also consider whether your non-profit organization is in good standing with State and Federal agencies including but not limited to the California Attorney General, the California Secretary of State, the California Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service.  Please be sure you are in compliance before submitting an application.  The Board also will be concerned with how your grant project will benefit the Encino area and its stakeholders.

All forms are on the Los Angeles City Clerk Website - Applicant information for Neighborhood Purpose Grants may be found using the following link:  https://clerk.lacity.org/sites/g/files/wph606/f/NPG%20Applicant%20Information%20Packet%202018.pdf

A fillable Neighborhood purposes grant application may be accessed at  https://clerk.lacity.org/sites/g/files/wph606/f/NCFP%20107%20NPG%20Application.pdf

 A fillable Neighborhood Purposes Grant Completion Report may be accessed at https://clerk.lacity.org/sites/g/files/wph606/f/NCFP%20108%20NPG%20Completion%20Report%20Form%20Fillable.pdf

ENC Monthly Expense Reports & Budget

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting Agenda
Jul 21, 2012
Meeting Agenda
Jan 11, 2012
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The Encino Neighborhood Council is made up of individuals from our community who
are interested in improving and maintaining the quality of life of the stakeholders of Encino.

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