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Chick Fil-A Mitigation Update - Construction Alert

Posted on 12/06/20

Encino Neighborhood Council

Chick Fil-A Mitigation Update - Construction Alert
Hey Encino,

Please read the attached update on the mitigation efforts that Chick Fil-A, at Ventura and White Oak, will be undertaking starting tomorrow.

Following is an exert from the documents:

Small area of sidewalk from west side to the east side of the CFA Ventura Blvd Driveway will be closed between Monday, 12/07/20 – 12/14/20. To allow ample time to cross the crosswalk, signs will be installed on the barriers stating the small section of sidewalk is closed ahead. There may be some adjustments for the bus driver to pull past the current stop to clear the second lane, but this should not impact pedestrians going in and out of the bus. There will be some level of construction noise- all within allowable LAMC code requirements- Yes, between 7am – 7pm on Monday, 12/07/20 through Thursday, 12/10/20. We specifically avoided PEAK morning and evening hours. The one street lane closest to the curb will be intermittently closed from 12/07/20 – 12/11/20 for a length of about 100ft Traffic controls will be in place, and there will be 2 LADOT traffic control officers on site to manage traffic . We hope that LADOT will continue to have us on their schedule.

The attached PDF has additional information.

We will post additional updates as they become available.

Download Chick Fil A Mitigation Update 12.6.20.pdf

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