Homelessness Committee



Mission Statement
Homelessness impacts the community and the quality of life of all stakeholders, the homeless and non-homeless alike. The homelessness situation has a high (and long overdue) priority for action and funding by The City and County of Los Angeles and the California State Government. The mission of this committee is to educate and inform our stakeholders on the very complex issue of homelessness and mitigation thereof, empowering and encouraging active participation in potential solutions to address the problem in a productive and humane way. A goal is to assist the Encino Neighborhood Council to communicate the needs and wishes of sheltered and unsheltered stakeholders with our elected officials, and see that services are made available in a fair and equitable manner to Encino as well as to our greater San Fernando Valley communities.
Committee Chair(s): *Patricia Bates: Chair
Email: [email protected] 

Voting Committee Members:

1-*Patricia Bates: Chair

2- Ryan Levey

3- Rochelle Mitchell 

4- Laure Stevens







Alternate Committee Members:

1-*Victoria Miller

2-*Alex Garay



*Denotes Board Member/Alternate (maximum 5 allowed)





The maximum number of Board/Alternate Members on any Committee is five. The maximum number of total Committee Members, including Stakeholders is nine, however there may also be up to three Alternate Committee Members (either Board/Alternate Members or Stakeholders).

Summary of Los Angeles City and State of California legislation affecting housing and homelessness.  This is a resource maintained by the West Valley Neighborhood Alliance on Homelessness (WVNAH).  Encino NC is a member of WVNAH.

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