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Mission Statement

The Outreach Committee’s mission is to inform and engage the stakeholders, as well as the community at large.  We will inform the community about events and occurrences involving, and addressed by, the Encino Neighborhood Council (ENC), in which the community can participate.  The Committee will use printed materials, targeted marketing materials, social media, video, alliances with mass media outlets, other community groups, and individual Committee members as ambassadors to convey information tailored by the needs of the day.  All materials created and disseminated by the Committee will be done with transparency, and aligned with the interests and goals of the ENC board on behalf of our community. Simply stated, the Outreach Committee is the bridge between the community and the Encino Neighborhood Council.


Committee Chair(s): *Alex Garay
Email: [email protected]


Voting Committee Members:


1) *Alex Garay: Chair 6) Jenny Birchfield-Eick
2) *Carol Levin 7)
3) *Heather Michaels 8)
4) *Jim Esterle 9)
5)  *= ENC Board Member/Alternate
(Maximum 5 Allowed)


Alternate Committee Members:


1) * Lee Blumenfeld 3) Gail Reysa
2)  Shani Hudson  
                                                    *= ENC Board Member/Alternate
(Maximum 5 Allowed)




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