Airport Committee



Mission Statement
The Encino Neighborhood Council's Airport Committee represents the residents of Encino in advocating for minimal air traffic noise and maiximal safety through all viable channels of the Van Nuys and Burbank Airport complex.

Committee Chair(s): *Jim Esterle: Co-Chair, *Victoria Miller: Co-Chair
Email: [email protected] -or- vmiller[email protected]

Voting Committee Members:
1-*Jim Esterle: Co-Chair
2-*Victoria Miller: Co-Chair
3-*Andrew Zucker
4- Robert Bramen
5- Jacquie Lange
6- John Vernagus
7- Barry Heins
8- Penny Alpert
9- Doug Kriegel

Alternate Committee Members:

*Denotes Board Member/Alternate (maximum 5 allowed)


The maximum number of Board/Alternate Members on any Committee is five. The maximum number of total Committee Members, including Stakeholders is nine, however there may also be up to three Alternate Committee Members (either Board/Alternate Members or Stakeholders).

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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