Community Impact Statements

A Community Impact Statement is an official statement or position adopted by a Neighborhood Council on issues pending before the City’s decision makers. The Community Impact Statement process was created specifically for Neighborhood Councils so they can publicly express their support, opposition, or suggestions about any matter pending before the Los Angeles City Council, its committees, or City commissions. A Community Impact Statement (CIS) is an official statement used to express the position of a Neighborhood Council (NC) as a whole, and is not to be used to express personal opinions.

Submitting a CIS expresses a serious and committed position on an issue by a Neighborhood Council, and demonstrates community interest and support of the issue. This process allows stakeholders to communicate collectively as a Neighborhood Council and as a community, but it does not preclude stakeholders and board members from also expressing their opinions as individuals. Letters submitted to the City Clerk identifying an opinion on a specific Council File will also be included in the file, and can help strengthen a position.

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